A New Player in Property Management Software

Scaling an Emerging Brand

ResMan is an enterprise-level software for the multifamily housing industry. As a new player in the property management market, ResMan had been trying to find it's place amongst bigger property management services.

Criterion.B worked with the ResMan team to rebrand the software for a more modern appeal, to determine positioning that displayed their competitive advantage against long-time players in the space, to build a new website to showcase the software, and to implement inbound marketing to impact their presence in the industry.

The Challenge

Criterion.B was challenged to reinvent the original ResMan brand (shown below) into a more sophisticated, trustworthy, and competitive option. It was important to build a brand that would be associated with multifamily innovation, and thought leadership — particularly in the property management software space. We also set out to improve brand awareness, as the space is heavily dominated by two existing players. Finally, we wanted to deliver sales-ready leads to the brand while also promoting a strong customer experience to potential customers.

The Solution

In order to refresh the young-company feel with a competitive edge, Criterion.B created a new website, a vibrant brand, and a well-structured content strategy. Combined, these inbound marketing efforts set the foundation to reposition and reignite the ResMan brand into an unstoppable force. It's with Criterion.B's data-driven approach, creativity, and industry knowledge that ResMan became a force not to be reckoned with in the multifamily space.



The goal was to create a modern brand that still offered a sense of familiarity for the multifamily industry. This is reflected in everything from the bright color pallet and the tagline “Love Your Software" to any print and digital collateral that boasts the brand. Criterion.B updated the cartoonish chameleon into a strong icon that represents the personality behind the ResMan brand.

ResMan Bottle

Brand Application

Once a brand is in place, it must be elevate it across all platforms. Criterion.B brought the ResMan brand to life through print collateral and stationary, tradeshow graphics, multifamily print advertisements, and of course, a complete website rebrand. From designing new iconography, fonts, and color schemes, we gave the vibrant brand a digital home for the multifamily world to see.



An inbound marketing strategy was developed for ResMan when branding was completed, and fully implemented after completion of the website. From implementation to present, the use of inbound marketing has resulted in defining thought leadership, name recognition, and powerful content that positions ResMan as a fierce competitor and multifamily expert.


Ongoing Consulting


We provided ResMan with consulting services by developing a comprehensive “go to market” sales deck to ensure that the ResMan business development team had the necessary tools to sell the value proposition of their software. Our team took time to understand the current business objectives, internal sales processes, and organizational structure in order to provide guidance as to the most effective way to drive new business growth to the bottom line.


The Results

From branding and web design to on-going consultation and inbound marketing, Criterion.B became an extension of the ResMan company in order to drive excellent growth, promising leads, and noteworthy analytics.

The Results


Site Traffic

The traffic to the website increased by 268% year over year.


Lead Conversions

The number of form submissions increased by 21.6% year over year.



The number of sales opportunities increased by 12.9% year over year.


Social Followers

Increased Social Followers by 298% Year over year.


Elizabeth Francisco


The Criterion.B team has gone to great lengths to gain insight and understanding of our brand. Their expertise in both traditional and inbound marketing makes them the ideal partner to showcase ResMan’s intuitive SaaS solution to today’s multifamily owners and operators.